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    Sandbar was created in 2016 as a lifestyle brand that is focused on pushing people to get out of their comfort zone and find time for their passion, no matter what it is. Your Sandbar can be wherever, whatever, or whoever brings you happiness, which ultimately ties into our trademarked slogan “Where’s Your Sandbar”. It’s for the adventurers, musicians, daydreamers, artists, athletes, and everyone in between. 
    The Sandbar is where we learned to enjoy every moment and ultimately, we learned to respect the environment we were in. As we got older, our trips to the sandbar faded but the feeling that place gave us stayed. Each of us went our separate ways and set out on our own journeys, to find new passions, and to make new mistakes and learn from them. We later realized the Sandbar wasn’t just a place, but a lifestyle we chose. So, the brand was born and created as a reminder to all of us, to do what we love.
    So, Where's your Sandbar?